NAPAC is the Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee

Established in:
2011 by a group of visionary and high-profile Nigerian-American leaders in the USA who are committed to “enhanced socio-economic impact and voice of people of Nigerian origin in the United States and their increasingly influential next generation”.

Our advocacy organization is comprised of:

  • NAPAC USAA 501 (C) 4 established in 2011 as a Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • NAPAC FoundationA 501 (C) 3 established in 2014 as a Resource Trusteeship for NAPAC’s activities
  • NAPAC State PACA 527 organization established in 2014 as a State-Level Implementation Partner

Our Vision

To be the center-point for Nigerian-American progress in the United States. All 50 states of the USA will be represented.

Our Mission

To engage, inform, and empower Nigerian-Americans in the United States through policy impact, education, health and wellness, effective advocacy, and economic empowerment.

Our Objectives

  • Other Nigerian-American based organizations in the US will recognize NAPACUSA as the inclusive, formidable organization for other ethnic professional and social associations.

  • NAPACUSA’s programs will be well supported and funded by stakeholders, including members, partners, philanthropist, and prominent business people.

  • Nigerian-Americans will clearly recognize NAPACUSA as a key player in areas such as:
    • Business: Fortune 500.
    • Healthcare
    • Entertainment.
    • Education
    • Science and Technology
    • Information Technology
    • Government

  • NAPACUSA’s vision is to be the Center point for Nigeria-American growth, development and economic empowerment.

  • NAPACUSA will promote and leverage strengths such as education, economic, and population of Nigerian-Americans to achieve its goals.

  • NAPACUSA will partner with individuals, groups, and organizations that share similar views and values in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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